Tal Shomron | טל שומרון



"לי שטרסברג"- ניו יורק 
ניסן נתיב - קורס מלא למשחק מול מצלמה
גלית רוזנשטיין - קורס משחק מול מצלמה


New York Film Academy student Thesis film: Don't Answer- Lead part
 Music Video for a second year student project New York Film Acedamy- Lead female role
 Trailer for "Dead Sea" a feature movie in the making
 Lead female part in "Don't Say It" -NYU Student film- final project. Director: Patrick Renault


טונה סטארקיסט

Diet Coca Cola girl for an Internet  
Live commentator for Israeli league volleyball games. 

כישורים מיוחדים

 Hosted the show "Deal Express" on the Israeli shopping channel for 2 years
 Night life host for "Layla" Internet magazine in Israel

Working as an international model represented by Yuli Models Agency in Israel, with representation in Germany 
Modelwerk), South Africa (Fusion), Austria (Wiener Models), and others Modeling achievements include
 a campaign for Stella McCartney for Addidas A world wide campaign for Radisson hotels


American English



דגימת קול